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July 25, 2017 Liners

Grinding technology and ball mill conditions are two important factors that influence the performance of grinding steel ball. When we choose steel balls, both of the two factors should be taken into account, and then, the grinding system can achieve the ultimate goal with high yield, stable production and low consumption.

1.  grinding technology
Even though the ores have same chemical composition or same hardness, the internal cleavage degree and weathering are also different. For cement plant, not to mention different mineral points, even from the same point, as long as the mineral surfaces are different, the minerals will lead to different kinds of abrasion for grinding steel balls.

2.  determine hardness
In dry grinding, confirming the relative hardness is necessary. We can choose grinding steel balls hardness corresponding to minerals hardness. It’s quite useful to reduce grinding ball’s abrasion.

3.  the size of the feeding minerals
On one hand, the larger the mineral size, the more sever of grinding balls abrasion. However, on the other side, the large particle size minerals can separate steel balls, so the wearing between ball and ball will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when considering abrasion, both of the two aspects should be taken into account.

4. the particle size of finished product
When the demand mineral particle is too fine, the particles will cover grinding steel balls and reduce the grinding media’s efficiency.  Shandong Iraeta is a Chinese leading grinding media manufacturer. Our experts have a good command of the above mentioned factors and make a technology breakthrough to maximize grinding media life, improve production efficiency and lower energy consumption.


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