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July 25, 2017 Liners

 forged grinding steel ball is widely used in many well-known mines for its good performances like high surface hardness, strong impact resistance, better wear resistance and not easy to break or lose round.

Forged grinding steel ball can be manufactured by forging or stamping. Firstly, heat raw materials to a certain temperature, then, put pressure on the heated materials to have them deformed. The deformed materials will obtain some mechanical properties and certain sizes. What’s more, the forging technology has many advantages than casting. Forged grinding steel balls will have integral metal flow line, without shrinkage which may occur in casting process. The internal structure is also optimized. Besides these, to improve grinding balls wear resistance performance, the choice of raw material is a key point. The quality of finished grinding media is 80% determined by raw materials. Even a same kind of raw material, different suppliers will offer different qualities. Shandong iraeta only cooperated with national top steel mills. We have rigorous supplier evaluation system, 40 thousand tons of order quantity as well as purchasing specialists with over 10 years of experience.

Forged grinding steel balls have precision size, high roundness, high hardness and perfect mechanical properties. Hardness distribution is uniform. In Shandong Iraeta, the grinding steel ball’s surface hardness is 58-65HRC, volume hardness 56-63HRC, impact toughness is over 18 j/cm2, breakage and lose round rate is less than 1%, close to 0. 


We only choose formal steel groups
in China as our suppliers.