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According to the basic management concept of People-Oriented, Iraeta considers staff as the most valuable asset. Thereby, we give priority to staff in Company Managementsrespect and take care of them. Iraeta attaches importance to select and appoint personnel. By providing company culture training and distributing welfare, all employees of Iraeta love the company, obtain a sense of company belonging and create a harmony working environment, which improves the enterprise competitiveness and increases the company value.


Iraeta believes the working accident can be prevented. By standard operating guide and regular safety training, Iraeta decreases the rate of work-related accidents steadily every year.


Iraeta distributes daily necessities monthly, delivers gifts on holidays and provides a long time paid vacation annually.


Iraeta treats women fairly believes that the women prejudice will definitely affect the production increase rate.


Iraeta has witnessed the great changes occurred in China since the late twentieth century. However, different from big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai which went through dramatic changes especially in economic aspect, there are still many underdeveloped regions. As a Joint Venture developing from a little village factory, Iraeta has been committed to provide our concern and help to the disadvantaged.


The significant economic gap not only exists in Este and West of China, but also in a same city, like Zhangqiu where Iraeta sites on. Even though the GDP of Zhangqiu is on the top 100 of China’s county city, the children who live in southern mountain area are still need to walk miles away to go to school for the poor transport facilities. Although nowadays children are educated free, they still can’t afford new bags and books. Iraeta knows that education is the efficient means to change these children’s destinies. To improve these children’s education quality and environment, Iraeta keeps going on donating to local primary schools and underprivileged children.


With the rapid development of China, many job opportunities are created. However, to some young people especially rural youth who has no skill or good education degree, opportunities are always passing by. To help these people, Iraeta sticks on providing free skills training such as heat machining, machine control, programming and so on no matter whether they will work there or not. Meanwhile, Iraeta also offers the necessary subsistence allowance to them. Every year, Iraeta provides free training and job opportunities to more than 100 people who lives nearby, which improves their life quality and vocational skills.


In China, many of the rural aged don’t have working capacity and can’t get enough lifetime warranty from our society. Since 1999, Iraeta has provided some cashes to the local aged who are older than 60 annually. On traditional holidays, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, Iraeta has distributed life necessities to these people, such as edible oil, flour, rice and meat. 


Instead of only emphasizing the immediate interests, we prefer to pursue and build the long term partnership.


As the most renowned automotive supplier, we have the ability to meet our customers’ requirements and create value for them.  Thereby, we will maintain the sustainable economic and social development.


Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction


Iraeta gives priority to technological innovation and firmly believes that technology is the source of industry development. By developing new technology steadily and innovating the existing technology, Iraeta has acquired over 30 patents of invention and finally embarked on the path of sustainable development. Iraeta has provided high quality products to the Wind Power Industries all over the world, and these products are accepted by many big companies such as VESTAS, GE, etc. Iraeta makes great contributions to the development of Wind Power industry both at home and abroad.


As an enterprise of traditional forging industry, Iraeta has a huge requirement for fuel and electric energy. There is no doubt that the excessive energy consumption is harmful for our environment. To protect the environment, Iraete has been engaged in supplying parts which are needed in the development of new energy. To save energy, Iraeta spent large amounts of money on importing more advanced equipment. We improve the rate of energy utilization by using the advanced heating system and control the emission of pollutant by using better drain system. With the deep understanding that the damage of environment is irreversible, we refuse to decrease production cost by sacrificing the environment and we are willing to give up some interests to be environment friendly in the process of development.


We only choose formal steel groups
in China as our suppliers.