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Iraeta has been focused on forging field for 50 years. From oilfields in the Mideast deep deserts, offshore wind turbines along Atlantic coasts, to mines in mountains of Peru, our forgings have been extensively applied around the world. Up to now, more than 20 Fortune Global enterprises have purchased our all kinds of forging products.


In 1958 and 1975, Mr. Riberas and Mr. Niu Qisheng respectively founded the predecessors of Gestamp group in Spain and Shandong Iraeta in China. The two firms set up the joint venture together in 2011. As the private enterprise which was set up after European War and around the Reform and Opening of China, we went through the time test of half a century and became the expert of our own fields. Now we extend our business over 120 countries. In this years, we have been bearing the education of two founders in mind, “respect tradition and value honor, self-development will be achieved by being a sustainable partner of clients. 


We deeply understand that only sweet words can’t win customers trust. We have focused on forging field for 50 years and become one of China's market leader in forging business. We have 30 international and industrial certifications and advanced manufacturing techniques. Our factory covers a total area of 260,000 square meters which equals to that of 37 standard football pitches. More than 20 companies of the top 500 enterprises purchase from us and the figure is still on the rise. Shandong Iraeta is a China National Hi-tech Enterprise which was involved in the Establishment of two industry standards and elected to a national torch project plan. We have first class R&D ability for that we are equipped with one academician workstation, one technician workstation and a National Accredited Laboratory which complies with the ISO17025 standard.


We only choose formal steel groups
in China as our suppliers.