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July 25, 2017 Liners

On the morning of October 12, 2015, the commissioning opening ceremony of grinding ball project of Shandong Iraeta Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd is held solemnly with the attend of municipal leaders, the CEO of Gestamp, the managers of Iraeta and all the staff.

Before the ceremony, general manager Niu and the academician Li visit the grinding ball workshop.
On July, the grinding ball workshop was in the stage of basis planning. On August, the grinding ball equipment were installed. On September, the grinding ball equipment were commissioned. On October 12, the grinding ball project was put into production formally.

General Manager Niu and Academician Li visit the production line.
The grinding ball workshop of Iraeta is equipped with the highly automated production line which has the function of automation charging, heating, rolling, sieving, cooling and heat treating. The whole product process is control by computer to ensure the stability of the quality of the grinding ball such as the advanced heat treating technique ensures the hardness of grinding ball. The whole area of the grinding ball workshop is 15000㎡ and the whole planning production is over 200000 tons. The planning production of the first project which has four production lines is 100000 tons. Before putting into production, there are already many famous enterprises at home and abroad come to visit Iraeta.

General Manager Niu makes a speech at the ceremony.
At the same time, Iraeta devotes itself to providing better quality grinding ball. Since cooperate with Chinese Academy of Sciences and build the Academy Workstation, Iraeta will pay 5% of benefits to the grinding ball production each year, try to develop more kinds of grinding ball. We’d also provide more specific grinding data management services for clients, help them to improve the efficiency of grinding and realize the develop of grinding technique together.


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